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WTSB: Love

14 Feb


two of my lovely friends got married a couple weekends ago. and you can probably tell by the huge grins on their faces (upon seeing one another for the first time that day)  just how in love they are. i think i smiled just as big when i saw these photos for the first time. it’s simply, honest love and so very fitting for the latest Word to Shoot By word. You can check out the rest of the Words shots here. And congrats to C + L!

happy valentine’s day!

Insta Wknd

6 Feb


insta wknd is back! last week I was a little too under the weather to take it on. we had a romantic weekend…a couple of our old SU friends got hitched on Saturday! Hooray! C + L Forever! I wore a beautiful vintage dress, that made me want to do dress-twirls all night. then sunday we watched the game, which was the perfect (like i need one) excuse to bring out the fry-baby. Deep fried brussel sprouts! Thank goodness my stomach is almost back to normal.

the mister all suited up and looking mighty fly (if i do say so) / champs! at the weddin’ / my twirly vintage frock and CK heels / more dress, this time in the church pew / the most stunning flowers from the wedding (yep i brought them home) / deep fried madness. buffalo brussel sprouts w/blue cheese and onion rings. there was also fried cauliflower with fresh made salsa / miss cleo helps me with primping for the wedding.


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