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b/w : crane’s

15 Mar


crane’s beach. ipswich, MA.ย 

my obsession with this beach in the winter continues.

beach polo

29 Feb


a few shots from the conclusion of newport beach polo. in traditional form we rolled up pretty late, but it was great to get a closer view of the horses as they were being de-saddled and packed up in the trucks. i love how these turned out, even the odd blue-toned shot at the end. happy leap day!

winter beach : part 1

25 Jan


ย an early winter day on crane’s beach in Ipswich. it was a particularly warm winter’s day so there were quite a few people on the beach, and to my awe several horses. I watched the horses for a while and eventually followed their path along the wet sand. their hooves left a fantastic splatters in the sand as they galloped.


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