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Insta Wknd

19 Nov



what a great weekend! on sunday my farmer friend steve invited us out to his farm in Lunenberg for a free pick in his fields alongside his CSA members. I jumped at the chance to fill canvas bags with fresh veggies that otherwise would have been plowed-over a few days later. there’s really something rewarding in digging out a nearly 2ft long parsnip with your bare hands and a small stick….okay so i wasn’t quite prepared but it made it that much more fun! when we returned home I quickly realized i may have gotten a little over-zealous with my shopping in the field because when we spread out the washed kale to dry on our dining room table …. it covered the entire table! SO kale for dinner for the next 2 weeks! YUM.

clockwise from top left: a much needed adult bevie on friday night. vodka/homemade cranberry syrup/meyer lemon | all that kale! | red cabbage winding down | one of many hand-dug parsnips | dried flowers and seed pods | steve’s farmhouse in the distance.  

in sum

23 Mar


ahhh, friday. i’m looking forward to kicking the weekend off by enjoying a walk in the unseasonably warm weather this evening and maybe grabbing some drinks outside somewheres along the way. here are some things that caught my internet eye this week…

1/ a beautiful collection of photos of beetlebung farm by gabriela herman has me excited to start my own garden soon. our seeds went into the dirt on monday! (spotted on butter + brass)

2/ ilana kohn’s new collection just hit her blog and i’m SUPER excited for it. i’ll have one in every color please! the jess shirt (above) and the clipper dress are my favs.

3/ i can’t wait to whip up these rice balls from heidi swanson to take along on a spring day trip! did you hear her cookbook (one of my favs) Super Natural Everyday was nominated for a Beard Award! Well deserved.

4/ as soon as spring strawberries are in the market i am making this sabayon from david lebovitz.

5/ very inspired by the torn photos of scott hazard.

6/ corey arnold‘s photos depicting commercial fishing from his exhibit Wolf Tide are brilliant!  i particularly like this kitty one. more images can be found here. (spotted on my love for you)

6 Dec Pentax_ApplePicking_Oct2011_blog-2


so remember fall? I can’t believe how the time flew and here we are in December with twinkling little lights and pine needles on my living room floor. well to remind us what a beautiful fall it was, here are some lovely shots from the last weekend of apple picking in new england. I have tons of photos squirreled away from the past (busy) month as well, so please stay tuned this week …

heat wave

22 Jul


this little piggy has the right idea. this weekend i’ll be taking my new little chromebook to the nearest air conditioned cafe and laying low till the heatwave breaks. stay cool and have a good weekend! 

word to shoot by : update

31 Jan


The submissions are up on Words to Shoot By, and my work was selected!!  :)

Please drop by Words to check out the photos for place.

there are some simply stunning shots posted.

thank you wtsb!


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