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wtsb : cheer

10 Dec







life has been at light speed the past couple weeks, and i missed posting the latest Words. Our word was cheer, to celebrate the season and another successful year of Words to Shoot By. I stumbled upon an overly cheerful (read: drunken) scene in harvard square a couple wknds back. the Yulefest 5K had just ended and its participants were in refreshing themselves and enjoying one hell of a dance party; it’s was pretty entertaining. coincidentally i saw that same elf (last shot) in full costume leaving the Cambridge 5K this past sunday, serial holiday 5k’er?

Cheer will be our final post for the year and the project will go on a short hiatus while everyone enjoys the holidays. we’ll be back in the new year, can’t wait.

point judith RI

13 Nov


yesterday’s warm weather got me thinking about an late summer trip we took to point judith RI. the weather was just like yesterdays, warm & breezy. we were looking to cruise the coast and maybe stop into the matunuck oyster bar. the bar was jammed when we drove up so we decided to find out seasfood fix down the road a bit. we stumbled upon what i believe to be the best fried fish shack in new england….champlin’s. they had out of this world clam cakes and served their fried fish with little red potatoes rather than the standard french fries. i wandered the docks below the balcony, snapped these pics, as eric waited on our food.

b/w : sand

16 Mar


crane’s beach. ipswich. MA.

this is the end of the crane’s shots. I’ve been saving these, best for last you know?  i am over the moon with how these sand shots came out. i knew that i was seeing something very special and fleeting in the ripples and waves that the wind sculpted into the sand of the dunes. I’m pleased the film responded so well to the diminishing light that afternoon. now try and stop me from running right back to the beach this weekend and shooting more! 60+ degrees and sun for both days. yeah, just try.

b/w : crane’s

15 Mar


crane’s beach. ipswich, MA. 

my obsession with this beach in the winter continues.

black/white: portland randoms

22 Feb


and that’s the end of the portland photos, for now at least. I love that city so much i may just be there again soon, who knows.

black/white: kenny & zukes PDX

22 Feb


kenny & zukes delicatessen. portland, OR.

black/white: the ace

16 Feb



The Ace Hotel. Portland OR.

black/white: stumptown coffee pdx

15 Feb


Stumptown Coffee @ The Ace Hotel. Portland, OR

these and a few more portland shots were hiding away in those black & white rolls i recently got back. I had just about forgot that I brought a spare camera to PDX for black & white shots. I love how these turned out! Greyscale is so fitting of the cool vibe of this stumptown.

WTSB: Love

14 Feb


two of my lovely friends got married a couple weekends ago. and you can probably tell by the huge grins on their faces (upon seeing one another for the first time that day)  just how in love they are. i think i smiled just as big when i saw these photos for the first time. it’s simply, honest love and so very fitting for the latest Word to Shoot By word. You can check out the rest of the Words shots here. And congrats to C + L!

happy valentine’s day!

black/white: water

9 Feb


i could take photos of the ocean all day long.

Brenton Point RI.


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