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in sum

23 Mar


ahhh, friday. i’m looking forward to kicking the weekend off by enjoying a walk in the unseasonably warm weather this evening and maybe grabbing some drinks outside somewheres along the way. here are some things that caught my internet eye this week…

1/ a beautiful collection of photos of beetlebung farm by gabriela herman has me excited to start my own garden soon. our seeds went into the dirt on monday! (spotted on butter + brass)

2/ ilana kohn’s new collection just hit her blog and i’m SUPER excited for it. i’ll have one in every color please! the jess shirt (above) and the clipper dress are my favs.

3/ i can’t wait to whip up these rice balls from heidi swanson to take along on a spring day trip! did you hear her cookbook (one of my favs) Super Natural Everyday was nominated for a Beard Award! Well deserved.

4/ as soon as spring strawberries are in the market i am making this sabayon from david lebovitz.

5/ very inspired by the torn photos of scott hazard.

6/ corey arnold‘s photos depicting commercial fishing from his exhibit Wolf Tide are brilliant!  i particularly like this kitty one. more images can be found here. (spotted on my love for you)

in sum

16 Mar


Hello hello, Friday! I’m back with In Sum, which i took offline for a couple weeks…a couple busy weeks. With that here are a few things that caught my eye this week. Happy weekend! and St. Patties Day to you. . .

1/ I have been throwing for a few years now (really!?) and I’m so inspired by bold, rough work like this pedestal bowl from Adam Whatley of Claywork. The glaze is brilliant and it’s topped off with fungi!…amazing. (spotted on TeenAngster)

2/Love this recent shot from Jonathan Levitt of Grass Doe. Perhaps he likes the beach in winter as much as me.

3/ I have a pretty fierce design-crush on furniture-maker Ariel Alasko. Wood is one of my favorite mediums, yet i rarely work in it. I have such a deep respect for folks who do. And if you’ve been following the blog in the past few weeks you know i have a thing for old, abandoned house and their weathered wood and peeling paint. this lady’s work effortlessly commands those two lusts of mine. She scours old houses & barns for her supplies! Her tables are beyond brilliant!  See more of her work and brooklyn studio on The Makers. and Ariel’s blog is lovely as well.

4/ I’ve had a little bit of the wanderlust bug of late. I blame March in New England on that, but i digress. I’ve been taken with the idea of alternative dwelling for our next vacation….perhaps a yurt in big sur? Why not.  (photo: cabin porn / crazy yurt idea c/o Cup of jo)


**Also I’m am officially excited for summer! Yes, I know it isn’t even spring yet (remember, march in NE!). Last night I got my paws on tickets to see Beach House in Central Park this July!! That means the last two weekends of July will be packed with amazing music as I secured Newport Folk Fest tickets a couple weeks ago. It’s gonna be one hell of a summer. Btw, if the new single from Beach house is any indication of the awesomeness contained in the rest of the new album then we are in for a killer show under the stars (skyscrapers?). 

Beach House – Myth

in sum

24 Feb


it’s mostly a photography round-up this week. all of these beautiful photos caught my eye this week. I’m looking forward to a little rhodie trip this weekend. we’ll be hitting the Pawtucket farmers market, seven stars bakery, and then taking in some beach polo! I’m very excited to shoot some 120 film during the polo match. have a good one!

1/a series from michael muller of hotel st. cecilia. i love the contrast of lines in this shot.

2/ a beautiful double exposure from isabelle (another WTSB buddy).

3/ i’m a car girl at heart having grown up with a mechanic father and many vintage cars…so this series from peter lippmann hits home for me. almost literally, because we have an old car like this currently integrating itself with nature in my parents backyard.  (found via this is colossal)

4/ bill from backyard bill shot the most recent Steven Alan lookbook. I think i may now need a straw hat this summer.

5/ i love these spooky shots from the Samuji fall 2012 lookbook, also love that ginger model. (found via vain & vapid)

6/free flower friday is back from saipua in brooklyn. i think this is the first time i’ve wished i lived in the nyc area. I would love to have this beautiful bouquet on my living room table, particularly for that stunning hellebores. wow. (photo by sarah)

in sum

17 Feb


looking forward to the long weekend! I’ll be keeping things slow. hopefully a little photo shooting, lots of cooking, and maybe some thrifting in NH. have a good one! here are a few things that caught my eye this week…

1/ jacinta moore of bawkbawkbawk posted some beautiful photos she took for a fab jewelry lookbook. (photo by JM)

2/ I wish i could paint like South African artist,  Marsi Van De Heuvel. (spotted on Wolf Eyebrows)

3/i’m thinking i might need to make this hazelnut pudding this weekend. mostly because I’ve been obsessed with hazelnuts and chocolate after noshing these on valentine’s day. (photo by Joy)

4/ i’m so intrigued by hip florists like this effortlessly cool lady. I would love to learn how to make simple arrangements (and rock a baseball tee and jeans) like Megan of Fieldwork. I hear she’ll be featured in the next Kinfolk mag. (spotted on Frolic! / Photo by Lisa Warninger for Frolic!) 

5/ got a serious case of “wish i was there” when I saw laney butler’s post on her recent trip to trinidad state park in california.  she always takes the most lovely vacations shots. Laney is a part of the Words to Shoot By project with me. (photo by laney butler)

6/ i adore these rings from aesa found at a PDX shop called Una (spotted on unruly things)

7/  i know i can be a bit cat-focused here, so it was nice to spot such a great canine-centered photo site. Maddie the Coonhound. (spotted on forestbound)

in sum

10 Feb


 we’re having a serious tease of spring today. I ate lunch outside with my main lady beth in the sun and 50+ degree February air (!).  this weather has me fixated on spring and its flirty frocks, sandals, and weekend photo trips. so you’ll see a little spring inspiration in what caught my eye this week.

1/ a beautiful photo by victoria hannan. this is an outtake from her Other People’s Houses exhibition in London last year.

2/ a magical film shot from Marion on her blog.

3/ Lauren Moffatt 2012 NYC Fashion Week colletion presentation in photos by Erin of Cali Vintage (lucky lady!).  I love the elementary school theme and I’ll have one of each dress please.

4/ anabela of Fieldguided recently shot a stunning lookbook for Scout & Catalogue. Check out the S+C site for more. best part of all it’s mostly shot on film! :)

5/ i love the mood of this photo by ryan heywood. found on the raen optics blog, which is particularly awesome. raen makes my favorite pair of sunnies (& they happen to be on sale this wknd).

6/ probably the best photo i’ve seen in a while, it’s really an amazing capture. found on my favorite food blog, island menu. this blog blends two of my favorite things, food + photography, so shockingly well. and you could throw animals in there too!  I would kill to have an afternoon (down under!) with these folks, what a life.

7/ did you hear Kinfolk will be hosting dinners this summer?! So want to join that fun! these are pics from their first dinner in Portland recently. many more lovely photos of that here. (photo by laura d’art)

8/ that hammok is calling my name! i’m floored by this upstate NY cabin built by a bunch of friends.  we could do that right?!

in sum

3 Feb


welcome to the super late edition of in sum. gonna keep things short and sweet because i didn’t get to do too much internetting due to being pretty under the weather this week. But i’m on the mend and looking forward to the weekend. a couple of our friends are getting hitched tomorrow and i’m psyched to put on a lovely vintage frock and celebrate with them. and then of course there’s something pretty big going on on sunday evening, just can’t remember what that is. have a great weekend!

1/ i dig this photo from sam b harris not only for it’s gorgeous light, but because it looks like a lost scene from The Life Aquatic. check out sam’s work, it’s really lovely.

2/ a shockingly beautiful shoot by Anja for Hopeless lingerie, she shot it on film and says the shoot was inspired by an imaginary foreign horror film. I love that. lady’s also having a big sale in her vintage shop.

3/ i stumbled upon jennifer mehigan’s work and couldn’t help but think how it connected with my last post. (via sweet station)

4/ i love the colors in this photo from sandra.

in sum

27 Jan


after a wallop of a monday, i’ve been eagerly awaiting this weekend! and i have lots of fun things planned for it now that it’s here. two highlights: facials with my lady friend and a killer show to take in on sunday night. yah!

1/ loving the colors of this photo from the More & Co blog. 

2/ lovely warmer weather looks from Morrison, an Australian line. (spotted on Frolic!)

3/ my snake brooch. I enjoyed this snake-themed  guest post on honey kennedy by Teen Angster. (my photo via instagram)

4/ Mignon, a new kitchen shop launched this week. It is the creation of Rachel from Elephantine. I can imagine preparing a little spring-time picnic with many of the goods from this shop…especially those sporks! 

5/ leanne marshall, of project runway fame, added some lovely hand-dyed silk blouses to her shop. Oh, i pine for one of these and a trip to the country that inspired them! 

6/ how chic is this little cat beret! yeah, lots of will power was used to not order up one of those babies for miss cleo. 

7/ kate miss has another shop update in the works, and this beaded necklace would look great with my….. 

8/ new Ilana Kohn scarf!! am i right? 

9/ tea-pot inspiration. I’m currently working on several small pots in ceramics and this beauty from Clamlab is quiet dashing. 

10/ bonus! I’ve had this catchy tune stuck in my head all week. (not pictured)

{{in sum is a collection of lovely things from across the internets that have caught my eye through the past week.}}

in sum

20 Jan


hello weekend! I’m really looking forward to you. we are supposed to get a little snow on Saturday, and i can’t wait to pretend to be snowed-in! that means wooly socks, dvd watching (probs x-files), and cooking (probs taking a crack at homemade ramen!). so on that note, it seems my weekly finds all have a dreamy look about them, with a touch of wanderlust.

1/  Olivia Larrain Heiremans’ photography is lovely and arranged by color.  (via Miss Moss)

2/i love how this photo from jacinta moore pairs with the OLH photo.

3/ Cabin Porn makes we want to run straight for the woods.

4/the Trumpeter Swan. I gasped when i saw this beautiful photo. More here

5/I adore this custom neon sign from the home of James Milward & Sarah Foelske. (via D*S)

6/ a beautifully somber video from Kinfolk featured on the etsy blog.

7/ some tunes i plan to keep on repeat this weekend. porcelain raft. excited for his album release next week

in sum

13 Jan


in effort to make this a more of a proper blog, I’m going to start a new weekly round-up series. It’ll be bits and bobs from around the internets that have caught my eye. so with out further ado…

1/ adore this look from the Shiny Squirrel, especially the blazer.

2/the cat lady in me applauds this parody of one of my fav mags.

3/a gorgeous print from luli sanchez (spotted on Oh Joy)

4/ very excited for the new wes anderson flick. also, futura will not be missed thanks to

this lady’s typography for the movie (side note, her web address is quite clever)

5/ a beautifully animated spring lookbook from verrier by reed rader found on Miss Moss

6/ pining over this blouse and may have to snag the wallet-friendly version.

7/a simple ceramic collection i’m inspired by.

8/ enamored with this misty blue green for spring. (yes already thinking spring)

9/captivating photography on how i met your style make me want to shoot more portraits (via wolf eyebrows)


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