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at the farm

29 Dec


a warm november wander through Russel Farm in Ipswich.


14 Dec


rosecliff, newport, RI

the breakers

12 Dec


the breakers, newport RI

surreal to think that homes like these were considered summer cottages.

words without words

12 Dec


I have to say i miss words to shoot by a little. Words is on a brief holiday hiatus until January, but I can’t resist posting a few triptychs in the mean time. This was my second set for the last word, by. I guess it’s ‘by the mansion’ although it would have worked for our word Golden too!

 these were taken at The Breakers last month during my personal work holiday. yeah no biggie, just hanging out at the Vanderbilt mansion in a fancy silk dress. serioulsy though, it was fun to imagine how these people lived!  I have a handful more mansions photos coming soon. . .


8 Dec


Let’s go on a little walk though Cambridge shall we? I recently accepted a new job (!) so I found myself with an mini-vacation on my hands. I kicked it off with this little trot through the cobblestone and ivy.

Turkey Day

24 Nov


Russell Farm, Ipswich, MA.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


22 Nov


the latest, and final Words to Shoot By for the year is now up! the word was By, which was added a nice play on words (by by!) to send out words for the year. I’m a little bummed to take a rest from words for a little bit, but i’m sure i will be raring to go at the beginning of the new year! Please drop by Word to Shoot By to check out the other contributions. It’s a really tremendous post this round!

I’ll give you a hint into what’s going on above: my shots were taken on the MIT campus. do you know where this is?

brenton point

16 Nov


an autumn walk in brenton point state park, newport RI.

11.11.11 // purgatory chasm

11 Nov


rest of the shots from that walk to purgatory chasm! happy 11/11/11!

WTSB : Walk

8 Nov


the latest Words to Shoot By is up! the word this round was Walk. we took a lovely walk on Saturday in Rhodie which lead us to Purgatory Chasm, a giant split in a rocky seawall and adjacent pudding stone cliffs. we lounged on the cliff like high schoolers in the unseasonably warm sunshine. make sure you go over to Words to check out the other takes on Walk. I’m really digging Whitney’s this round!


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