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winter beach : part 2

26 Jan


crane’s beach, ipswich MA

i love the difference in color of the sky at sunset when looking at it from the east, versus directly at it in the west. warm versus cool.

a tease

19 Jan


winter on crane’s beach. Ipswich, MA

{more from a walk on the beach coming next week

portland : the ace hotel

27 Oct


ace hotel, portland, oregon.

on a particularly dreary fall day here in boston, I bring you some cozy shots from the ace hotel in portland! the ace is adjoined with a stumptown coffee so after grabbing our cup of caffeine we strolled on over to the lobby to kick back on the Ace’s seriously cozy couches to read the paper and generally enjoy the hip vibe of the place.

portland : stumptown coffee

26 Oct


stumptown coffee, portland

eric and i wake up everyday to a cup of stumptown coffee. we have evangelized the awesomeness of this coffee to all of our friends. we are pretty serious about our joe, so it seemed our duty to drink as much stumptown as we could while in portland. not only do these guys brew a mean cup, they have some pretty swank digs. we visited the 3rd ave and Ace Hotel locations.

PDX : Low-fi love

18 Oct


I thought this would be a fun way to kick off the portland pics…the low-fi surprises. I’ve started using the Lomo more often and I think I’ve finally gotten the hang of it. The Pentax also turned up a couple unexpected diptychs. These accidental doubles and low-fi lovelies were taken at Cannon Beach and then on the Pacific Coast Highway on our way to Tillamook.

WTSB : Sound

11 Oct


well hello! it’s been a little while, but i assure you i was up to something good. eric & i recently traveled to portland OR for a mini fall vacation! we had 6 days, twice as long as our last visit. on the top of my pdx to-do list was cannon beach. i had heard numerous times that the coast out there is surreal, but you don’t quite get it till you see it. breathtaking! I shot my latest Words to Shoot By on the beach at Cannon. Our word was Sound. I hope you can hear the waves as you look at these. Lots and lots more Oregon photos to come, stay tuned.

Minis On Top 2011

21 Jun


…from our assent up mt washington. it was clear most of the way up. a heavy cloud settled in about three quarters of the way up. it was quickly blown away by the 65 mph winds and we had a beautiful sunset at the top!

the first 9 or so shots are from the pentax, and the last few are from the lomo LCA which is back in the rotation! 

around the house lately

4 May


so hopefully these are the last of the home shots for a while. spring is here and although i love you apartment, we need some time apart. bring on the fresh air & sunshine! hopefully my outdoor b-day shots will be back from the lab tomorrow, fingers crossed.

she wants to play the cello

6 Apr


i’m still getting the hang of this little lomo. as blurry as they are I still love these shots.

the soft focus kinda makes it a little more romantic i guess. this was a small studio in

pawtucket, adjacent to the farmers market we went to a couple weekends ago.

an older gentleman worked here servicing and making stringed instruments (gah!)

it made me instantly wish i had kept at the cello (a new hobby brewing me thinks)

eric on the other hand, was instantly infatuated with the violins

and has taken an interest in this violinist.

halibut state park: part 4

30 Mar


the rocks of halibut state park, rockport ma


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